In the News

  • Fox News (4/8/2017), "Parents stage school sit-it to demand NYC principal's removal" [link]

  • The Brian Lehrer Show (4/7/2017), "#AsktheMayor" [link; 15 minutes in]

  • Wall Street Journal (4/7/2017), "Parents Occupy East Harlem School to Push for Principal’s Removal" [link]

  • New York Times (4/7/2017), "Anger Over Principal Prompts Parents to Occupy East Harlem School Overnight" [link]

  • Telemundo (4/7/2017), "Padres pernoctan en escuela para protestar en contra de la principal" [link]

  • New York Post (4/7/2017), "Parents stage school sit-it to demand principal’s removal" [link]

  • DNA Info (4/7/2017), "Parents Stage Sit-In at Harlem School in Latest Attempt to Oust Principal" [link]

  • CBS News (4/7/2017), "East Harlem Parents Want Principal to Go" [link]

  • NBC News (4/7/2017), "Parents Occupy NYC School in Protest of 'Worst Principal in the City'" [link]

  • NYC Public School Parents (4/7/2017), "Amazing evening - parents and teacher sit in at CPE I demanding principal's removal"[link]

  • DNA Info (1/27/2017), "Kindergarten Applications Plummet at CPE1" [link]

  • Chalkbeat (8/2/2016), "Eight top 10s from New York City’s 2016 test scores" [link]

  • New York Daily News (6/24/2016) , "East Harlem teachers, students, parents organize walkout over principal who ‘nearly destroyed school’" [link]

  • DNA Info (5/11/2016), "East Harlem School Parents Confront DOE About Teacher's Removal" [link]

  • NYC Public School Parents Blog (4/22/2016), "A dispiriting night at the Panel for Educational Policy; DOE continues to close struggling schools, co-locate charters and plans to destroy two terrific public schools" [link]

  • ECE Policy Matters (4/22/2016), "Kenya Dilday's Choice: Her Black Child Matters at Central Park East 1" [link]

  • DNA Info (4/21/2016), "Parents Looking to Oust East Harlem Principal Hand Petition to Chancellor" [link]

  • WNYC (4/21/2016), "Parents at 'Progressive' School Call for Principal's Ouster" [link]

  • Ed Notes Online (4/14/2016), "#savecpe1 - Support Legendary Debbie Meier Founded Central Park East 1 in Battle to Remove Monika Garg, Abusive Principal" [link]

  • DNA Info (4/13/2016), "New Principal Ruining Legendary Progressive Public School, Parents Say" [link]

  • ECE Policy Matters (4/11/2016), "Sending an SOS from a Small School in Harlem" [link]

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