Our Philosophy

Enter a room at project time and experience every child engaged in productive activity. Projects evolve over time to allow children to explore, in depth, an area of their own interest. Work is a natural, organic process that allows people to know themselves and those with whom they work and live. The way children work with materials (blocks, sand, paint, etc.) provides information that is addressed in the core curriculum. Responsibility for choices and materials are metaphors for the student as a learner.

Traditions play an important part in the building of community life at CPE1. Fall Festival, Festival of Lights, Concerts, Book Fairs, Family and Weekly Sings and more have children, staff and families dancing, singing, laughing and keeping the community alive. Classrooms are print-rich and stocked with age appropriate materials, full libraries, computers, math games and other resources to support learning. Physical activity is a fundamental part of the CPE day. Throughout the winter all children ice skate at Lasker Rink. Daily recesses, walks through Central Park and weekly movement classes keep our children moving. The CPE1 halls are filled with the aromas of cooking – a central part of the curriculum that combines reading, math, science and nutrition in one yummy activity.