A Direct Message from Founder Deborah Meier


Is Monika Garg the worst principal in New York City ?      The City's Own Data says, "Yes."

We are not using the word "worst" lightly.  Look at how teachers and parents at the school assessed Monika Garg on the city's own surveys. The drop is shocking, the city's inaction shameful

[Garg] saw the kind of play in which CPE I’s students always engaged as frivolous...
— CPE1 Founder, Deborah Meier

OK. It's Obvious. Garg Had the Most Negative Effect on Test Scores of any Principal in New York City

The red and the blue lines are CPE1 compared to citywide.  Math is blue; red is literacy.  Though tests have never been a focus of the school, this simple graph shows Garg's negative impact. After suffering Garg's traumatic year at the helm, CPE1 students showed the greatest percentage drop in Math and English scores of any school in New York City.

Not only is Garg trying to destroy CPE1's  legacy & culture , she is taking its  test scores  down with it. 

Not only is Garg trying to destroy CPE1's legacy & culture, she is taking its test scores down with it. 

Let's Make This Even Clearer


What Do We Want?

  • Remove Monika Garg as principal of CPE1. Replace her with an interim acting principal who will help to heal our school community as we conduct a thorough search for a new leader.
  • Protect the democratic governance and structures, and teacher and parent voice at CPE1. Support public progressive education in D4 and all over NYC.
  • Commit to increasing socio-economic diversity at CPE1.

Why do we want it?

  • Monika Garg attacked the teachers who have dedicated their careers to the children at CPE1. She opened investigations on all teachers that predated her at the school and created a hos- tile work environment. As a result of her actions, more than 1/3 of veteran staff members are leaving the school.
  • Monika Garg has not taken care of our children. As a part of investigations, Garg, D4 Deputy Superintendent Thomas McBryde, and outside investigators interviewed young children with- out notifying parents before or even after so they could provide proper emotional support to their children. Under Garg, students needing counseling and other IEP mandated services have gone unserved.
  • Monika Garg advocates for a new “separate but equal” school system. She publically and on numerous occasions attacked CPE1’s progressive education. She suggested that it does not serve Black children, poor children, and children with special needs. She stated, contrary to all evidence, that CPE1 students are not academically successful. She worked to racially divide families and stereotyped parents and students on the basis of race.
  • Garg has violated Chancellor’s Regulations and undermined CPE1’s traditional democratic structures. She has demonstrated favoritism in working with and addressing families and staff, even working with small groups of parents to organize secret events.

A Note About Garg's Boss

The District 4 Superintendent Alexandra Estrella has supported Garg in all of her actions. In fact, Estrella ignored parent and teacher pleas for support for months. The NYCDOE thus far as refused to help us or hold Garg and Estrella accountable.